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GameEx arcade launches.

Welcome to the new GameEx live online arcade. Spesoft/GameEx forum members automatically have accounts here so just login with your forum credentials. Otherwise feel free to create an account or just have a look around.

You can now get GameEx Arcade on your desktop with the GameEx Front End. Featuring full database support, favorites, most and last played, with the full power and ... [read more]

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Go Repo officially comes to Newgrounds! Take your team of strong-arm repo agents and go and recover some bad debts from "customers" who will do anything they can to stop you. Use of force is allowed, but not advised as you will have to pay the victim's hospital bills. Throw the repo'd gear in the back of your van and reach the target to move on to the next job. If a "customer" starts giving you grief, throw something at them to "calm them down", but try not to break the most valuable items while you are at it. If you get really desperate and a "customer" just won't give up, use a special move on them and KO them good and proper!
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